Moms, if you're overwhelmed & READY for change -

Join the "YOU HAVE WHAT IT TAKES" Challenge for Homeschool Moms-
Inspiration, Secrets, & Hacks for busy Moms that will take you from Overwhelm to JOY in 3 Days!


Monday, December 6th-Wednesday, December 8th
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The "You Have What It Takes" FREE Homeschool Challenge

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This Challenge is for you if...

  • You are currently Homeschooling or thinking about Homeschooling your kids.
  • You're overwhelmed, exhausted, or frustrated with Homeschooling and you want to change the atmosphere of your home, heart, and mind.
  • You're learning and trying new things because you feel pulled in every direction, but nothing is consistently working.
  • You feel like there's chaos in your home and you're longing for peace and clarity.
  • You simply want an "upgrade" in your life and you know NOW is the time.

This 3 Day- LIVE and highly interactive Challenge will help you:

Understand why you are uniquely equipped to Homeschool your kids and, have vision for where you're going and how to get there

Learn how to Homeschool with your strengths, giftings, and skill sets and LOSE the stressors that weigh you down

Discover the key to shifting the culture in your home and how to release peace in your home while experiencing JOY


When we get overwhelmed, it can rob us of the JOY of Homeschooling.

We begin hiding from or avoiding our kids. We throw ourselves hard into trying to control external things or relationships - maybe even binge watching TV, indulging in wine and chocolate a bit more than usual, or fantasizing about what it would be like to escape for a few days.
(we aren't the only ones, right??)

Other times, we react in frustration, yell, or lose our patience with our kids - which inevitably leads to shame and guilt. The cycle of believing, "I'm a terrible mom. I can't do this!" continues.

You are NOT a bad mom- and you are NOT alone in feeling this way.

And at the same time, the fact that you are wanting MORE, points to the fact that more IS available to you.

The "You Have What It Takes" Challenge will take you from where you are, to where you long to be.

If you are READY for transformation in your home, and you're WILLING to let it begin with you - Please join us on this 3 day journey.